Customer Value Maximizer

Are you looking for solutions that can complement existing marketing workflows with machine learned intelligence to maximize opportunities for enhancing customer value?

With customer value maximizer solution, make use of proven machine learning model to extend next best offers across your existing customer engagement workflows and touch points that can maximize up -sell/cross-sell/retention opportunities with each customer to generate higher revenue uplift.

Leverage opportunities at scale

You will never miss an up sell/ cross sell opportunity while you are engaging with customers over any channel - mobile or social media or bot. Empower yourself with machine learned decision making to extend right product or offer to customers at scale for maximizing up sell/cross sell and retention opportunities. Machine learned model will recommend ‘next best product’ or ‘next best offer’ a customer is most likely to buy or take up for any given context.

Plug in intelligence for quick returns

Plug in machine learned intelligence to your existing customer engagement systems without disturbing the workflows using built in connectors. Once plugged in, machine learned recommendation model can access and analyze customer & transaction data from existing customer value management systems and recommend next best product or offer back to the engagement workflow, ensuring higher sales conversions and revenue uplift.

Proven across markets, business lines and channels

Save the time and effort in developing multiple analytics models for driving up sell/ cross sell/retention across different business lines and markets. Make use of proven recommendation models that have delivered higher offer uptake and revenue uplift for Telecom clients across different geographies.


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