Enhance Revenue, Reduce Churn, Enable Faster Decisioning, Improve Customer Experience

Flytxt offers multiple solutions on NEON-dX platform to meet specific business objectives. They can drive programs targeted at enhancing value across customer lifecycles, reducing churn, driving contextual customer engagement, increase speed of decisioning and delivering consistent customer experience across touch points. Apart from these business objective driven applications, there are applications to extend packaged analytical models with multiple internal systems and entities of enterprises.

Customer Value Management

CVM is an integrated customer lifecycle value management solution that enables enterprises to segment their customer base and design appropriate marketing programs to keep them satisfied and stimulate usage, cross sell, upsell, as well as retain customers across their life cycles. This application will enable them to perform detailed analysis of customer behaviour across lifecycle for ensuring that right offers are extended to customer segments at the right time.

Real-time Contextual Marketing

Enterprises can engage subscribers with relevant offers and marketing actions using real-time triggers. The solution can generate real-time triggers from events either from network elements in telecom context such as MSC/VLR, HLR, DPI, IN Systems, Messaging systems or from different transactional systems such as ERP, CRM, VAS, Core Banking systems etc. These triggers can in turn initiate right actions like sending right offers/communication depending on the contextual needs and behaviour of each customer or segment.

Next Best Action

Next Best Action enables enterprises to create consistent customer experience by offering personalized services/content/offers across different touch points. The application creates a 360 degree customer persona and leverages machine learning driven prescriptive analytical models to deliver personalized recommendations/next best actions or offers to deliver a consistent experience across touch points. It also optimizes the offers delivered at each touch point through adaptive filtering.

Loyalty Management

The solution enables enterprises to launch point based loyalty programs aimed at encouraging product uptake and service usage improving customer stickiness. The application allows to compute points based on any given criteria and extend rewards including usage related benefits or third party gifts. The application enhances loyalty, sales potential, and business profitability, all at the same time.


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