Enhance Revenue, Reduce Churn, Enable Faster Decisioning, Improve Customer Experience

Flytxt offers multiple solutions on NEON-dX platform to meet specific business objectives. They can drive programs targeted at enhancing value across customer lifecycles, reducing churn, driving contextual customer engagement, increase speed of decisioning and delivering consistent customer experience across touch points. Apart from these business objective driven applications, there are applications to extend packaged analytical models with multiple internal systems and entities of enterprises.

Customer Value Management

Retaining your market share is extremely important in the highly competitive Telecom market. You need to understand customers deeper, predict their needs and extend personalized products and services to maintain profitable customer relationships and business growth.

Using packaged analytics, AI and marketing automation capabilities of Flytxt product, you can analyze variety of customer data to derive actionable intelligence to run comprehensive multi-channel customer engagement campaigns and personalization programs for maximizing customer lifetime value.

Real-time Contextual Marketing

In the digital world, customer engagement is always on. You need to closely follow customer interactions to find out right moments to reach out to them for selling your products.

Using real-time analytics and contextual marketing capabilities of Flytxt product, you can determine these ‘most likely to buy or respond moments’ in a customer journey and extend right products and services to meet their contextual needs

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customers have different lifecycle journeys right from the moment they start searching for your product to actually signing up with you and start using your services. It is important you understand customer’s preferences, needs and behavior through these lifecycle stages and react appropriately.

Using advanced customer analytics and marketing automation capabilities of Flytxt product, you can design appropriate acquisition, up-sell, cross-sell and retention campaigns for each customer segment for increasing usage, revenue and reducing churn.

Digital Personalization

Your customers are unique and demand a consistent, personalized experience over different channels and touch points. Hence to keep your customers happy and loyal, you need to consistently tailor the experience as per their needs and behaviour.

Using 360 degree customer profiling and machine learned ‘Next Best Offer’ capabilities of Flytxt product, you can determine the right offer to be extended over different touch points fitting each customer’s demographic profile, usage behavior and his predicted needs and intent.

Data Monetization

Increasing digital footprint of your customers leaves a treasure trove of data about their lifestyle, spending behavior, travel patterns, device affinity, and psychographic interests. You can play a central role in digital ecosystem and help other enterprise partners to provide more relevant services to consumers with these consumer insights.

Using Flytxt’s advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities, you can derive aggregated and anonymized consumer insights from a diverse range of internal as well as third party data sources. You can also share these insights with enterprise partners in a safe and secured manner to enable monetization use cases like mobile advertising.


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