We are happy to inform that we have updated our brand identity, including the logo and our external look and feel. It marks the occasion of celebrating our incredible growth journey across 10 years from a start up to a market leader in intelligent customer engagement with more than 100 clients across 50 countries.

Why re-branding?

Our ambition at the start of the rebranding was to create something that represents what Flytxt is as a company today. Since we began our journey as a company in 2008, we've carried the same logo and it's taken us through initial phase of our growth; but going forward we need something more modern that befits where we're going in the future.

It's been long overdue and I'm delighted that we've delivered something that takes into account other people's views from within the company and one that showcases who we are externally too.

The new brand identity

From today, you will see our new brand in public, at events, on social media, on our products and so on. We believe that the new look represents our incredible growth journey from a start up to a market leader and of a company that is modernising and growing at a rapid pace riding on its cutting edge R&D in analytics and artificial intelligence.

The new logo reflects the transition that we have made from a budding start up to more of a proven, fast growing global player. It is more solid and compact.

The X factor

As you can see above, the 'X' assumes significant emphasis in our new brand identity and you will see it emerge in the months ahead. It will ultimately become a recognisable icon of Flytxt on the journey to becoming a recognised global leader in driving digital customer eXperience across B2C interfaces harnessing analytics and artificial intelligence. NEON-dX solidifies this X factor with its value proposition of helping enterprises minimise the anonymity and discover persona and behavior of their customers using AI and machine learning techniques to engage with them better every moment. Greater experience has a multiplication (X) effect on economic returns too delivering which remains our vision. And on a much softer side we are making this transition in the 10th year (X in roman numerals) of our existence.

The previous iteration of the Flytxt brand focused on four arrows, depicting our main areas of expertise (big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and marketing automation) as well as four main facets of our offering (technology, product, applications and enabling services) . We have taken this a step further and decided to be bold with our interpretation - using the 'X' as the new and main symbol of the company.

This will open up multiple marketing avenues and demonstrate our own digital transformation but also the future we envisage ourselves in leading the way in AI and analytics will be used for transforming the way businesses engage with their customers over any interface.

We hope you like our new look as a company and we are excited to traverse this journey ahead!



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