Flytxt’s market-leading, flagship product NEON-dX packages analytics, artificial intelligence and marketing automation into one ‘out-of-the box’ solution for intelligent digital customer engagement. This enterprise-class software helps our clients drive customer value management and generate measurable economic value faster and more efficiently.


Advanced Analytics

Pre-packaged analytics models, actionable dashboards and exploratory analysis templates using advanced analytics techniques available out of the box to augment decision making.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In-built artificial intelligence, machine learning capabilities to enables automated decision making and human-like engagement over different B2C interfaces

Real-time Processing

Real time analysis as well as real time actions at scale, combining stream analysis and batch analysis, and supporting huge volumes of data and billions of transactions.

Data Access Management

Access to variety of high volume data from enterprise, 3rd party and open data sources, structured, semi-structured or unstructured, transforming the data as per the business logic

secured insightsharing

Ability to share customer insights with 3rd party systems and other downstream applications in secured manner with strict compliance to privacy guidelines

In-service Operations and Configurations

Sophisticated monitoring and management capabilities, in-service upgrade, high-availability etc., to cater for 24x7 enterprise-wide usage

neon-dX applications

Flytxt offers multiple applications on NEON-dX with out of the box real-time decisioning and marketing automation capabilities for specific business use cases.


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