Enhance Revenue, Reduce Churn, Enable Faster Decisioning, Improve Customer Experience

Flytxt offers multiple applications on NEON-dX product for enterprises that can help them consume derived customer insights from underlying data streams to meet specific business objectives. They can drive multi-channel customer engagement programs or personalise digital touch points for enhancing customer lifecycle value, reducing churn, enhancing customer loyalty and delivering consistent customer experience across touch points. Apart from these business objective driven applications, there are applications to extend customer insights with other internal systems and entities within the enterprise for faster and better decisioning

Flytxt Precision Marketer campaign management application

Precision Marketer

Precision Marketer is a multi-channel campaign management application that enables enterprises to engage with its customer base, stimulate usage, cross sell, upsell, and retain customers across their life cycles. This application will enable the enterprises to perform detailed analysis of customer behaviour across lifecycle to create nano-segments and to design appropriate engagement programs for each segment to keep them satisfied thus enhancing customer lifecycle value and loyalty as well as for reducing churn. It is also designed to ensure that customer engagement stays relevant and contextual ensuring that right offers are extended to right customer segments at the right time through the right channel.

Flytxt Intent Management application

Intent Management

Intent Management application enables enterprises to create consistent customer experience by offering personalized services/content/offers across different digital touch points. The application creates a 360 degree persona of the customer reflecting his demographic, behavioural, socio-economic and psychographic interests using machine learning driven prescriptive analytical models. It is designed to deliver personalized recommendations/next best actions or offers to deliver a consistent experience across touch points. It also optimizes the offers delivered at each touch point through adaptive filtering.

Flytxt Insight API application

Insight API

Insight API application enables enterprises to transform their data to insights, actions and recommendations using Flytxt’s packaged analytics models. It allows enterprises to consume the insights within their ecosystem or deliver insights to adjacent mobile enterprises in private and secured manner.

Flytxt Smart Mobility application

Smart Connect

Smart Connect application enables enterprises to ensure personalised engagement and care for its customers through self-care mobile app channel. They can extend real-time insights on usage as well as extend personalised offers and recommendations to the customers dynamically through the app with ease. The application over a period of time can give a complete visibility over the customer on-device behavior experience thus allowing enterprises to know them better and improve the relevancy of customer engagement.

Precision Ad Server

Precision Ad Server

The Precision Ad Server is a self-service multi-channel mobile advertising application that transforms Telcos to Media Owners. It brings Telcos to the center of the mobile advertising ecosystem, connecting Brands and Ad Agencies to consumers and publishers bypassing intermediaries. Telcos can share consumer insights and multi-channel inventory with brands and agencies to design and execute highly targeted ad campaigns through this application.

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