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Services: Maximising Business Impact

Flytxt provides a wide range of enabling services through a strong team of big data experts, data scientists, experienced marketers, sales & operations specialists and business consultants. These enabling services are offered on a turnkey basis from product deployment to realising the desired business results for the enterprises.

Telecom Business Services

Flytxt offers a suite of business services to enterprises to facilitate their digital customer engagement initiatives. Customer Data Analysis and Insight Modelling service offers experienced data scientists to prototype and create advanced analytics models. The Business Operations and Reporting service professionals specialise in extending support to running the day to day operations of Flytxt solutions. The Customer Value Management Consulting offers support to marketing teams of enterprises to plan and execute marketing and customer engagement programs to achieve the desired business objectives and KPIs.

Data Science Services

Flytxt offers data science expertise to help enterprises scale up analytics practice. Customer Data Analysis and Insight Modelling service offers experienced data scientists to prototype and create advanced analytics models for specific business purposes. Model Optimisation services are offered to ensure that performance of models are continuously monitored and fine-tuned to befit the dynamic data sets and business needs.

Technical Services

Flytxt provides a full suite of Big Data Technology Services including solution deployment, integration and 24x7 monitoring of platforms. The Big Data Technical Support team helps enterprises perform operational monitoring and resolve issues with troubleshooting. These services are provided through a team of professionals with rich experience in deploying and supporting mission critical technology platforms and applications in some of the largest IT infrastructures. The Data Governance and Model Optimisation team also supports iterative experimentation with analytics models and facilitates development of custom analytics models.

Mobile Ad Marketplace Services

A suite of services are provided around the multi-operator anchored advertising marketplace that connects brands and advertising agencies to digital customers. Sales and Business Operations team establishes and manages relationships with brands and agencies and Mobile Advertising Client servicing team has strong expertise in executing highly successful ad campaigns for leading brands. Customer Insights modelling and packaging team helps telcos generate new revenue streams by extending insights derived from their own data and other data to digital ecosystem at large in a safe and secured manner.


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