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AI for CX

Are you looking to augment your existing CX and CVM workflows with AI/analytics capabilities and drive customer lifetime value and product profitability?

Plug in Flytxt's market-proven AI for CX solution on cloud to your existing CX workflows and get accurate and faster actionable customer level machine learning insights and recommendations via Industry standard APIs. With the aid of Flytxt’s AI, well-trained with billions of curated data points, you can have accurate and deeper intelligence to make right decisions and achieve desired CX and CVM outcomes faster.


  • Upsell/Cross-sell NBO - Maximize upsell/cross-sell opportunities with each customer with AI-recommended next best offer fitting each moment of truth.
  • Next Best Channel - Increase reach and conversions by engaging with customers on recommended channels using channel affinity model.
  • Sales Forecasting - Get forecasted revenue and margin accurately for campaigns/segments/products using AI based on their historical performance.
  • Segment Discovery - Discover segments that reflect customers' dynamic behavioral trends and predicted behavior using multi-dimensional clustering and AI-curated behavior tags.
  • Campaign Rating and Optimization - Optimize performance of live upsell/cross-sell campaigns beyond human-scale with AI that automatically rates them and suggests new design constructs to improve performance.


  • Churn Prediction and Alert- Leverage AI to accurately predict churn propensity against each customer and display it on Agent screen or for marketers to design an effective retention strategy.
  • Win-back Propensity - Improve the effectiveness of retention campaigns by extending retention offers to only those customers who are most likely to accept the suggested offer.
  • Next Best Retention Offers - AI recommended Next Best Offers for each customer based on his churn propensity, win-back propensity and predicted product affinity.
  • App Inactivity Prediction: AI to track customer interactions on mobile app or other channels to spot inactivity patterns and suggest steps to revive usage.
  • Campaign Rating & Offer Optimization - Optimize performance of live retention and win-back campaigns and offers with AI that automatically rates their performance and suggests new campaign & offer designs to improve retention rate.


  • Offer Intelligence - Accurately forecast how each product/offer will perform in the market based on the historical performance of similar products/offers.
  • Product Profitability - Optimize the coverage, revenue, margins, and competitiveness of product/offer catalog with actionable customer and product insights.
  • Offer/Product Design - Assure optimal business outcomes while launching new products & offers using AI-recommended designs, price optimization and predictive insights.
  • Segment Discovery - Make use of self-learning multi-dimensional clustering and AI-curated smart tags to discover segments for each product that reflect customers' dynamic behavioral trends and predicted behavior.


  • Churn Alert - Mitigate churn proactively with timely actions using AI that notifies customer’s predicted churn risk during customer care interactions.
  • Next Best Offers - Increase agent productivity and reduce average call handling time on offer inquiries by displaying AI-prioritized offers for each customer on the agent screen.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Identify positive and negative sentiments of customers by analyzing their social media posts, customer reviews, customer care interactions and emails using AI/ML capabilities.
  • Next Best Agent - Map the Next Best Agent for each customer using AI based on their previous interactions and then route the customer’s call accordingly.
  • Problem Discovery - Predict issues and problems faced by customers by analyzing their network/service experience data and customer service interactions using AI/ML and recommend actions for agents to proactively resolve issues for better customer experience.


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