Are you looking for a solution to develop, test and deploy analytics models faster to improve decisioning for customer engagement? Are you finding it difficult and time consuming to find resources and competencies to use general-purpose platforms to build customer analytics models?

With the Customer Analytics Platform, leverage packaged templates for data access, data preparation and model development to deliver ‘customer insights’ faster.

Accelerate customer analytics pipeline with ease

Solution offers purpose-built model templates to derive customers insights ‘out of the box’ like affinity or propensity scores for driving customer engagement. You can leverage best in class preprocessing and validation techniques while developing models to ensure higher performance and accuracy.

Streamline ML-OPS centrally

You can execute end to end workflow for building and deploying machine-learned models from a single interface. You can leverage the hub and spoke architecture to build the model once centrally and then test and deploy locally. This will save your effort in building competencies and infrastructure at all locations to develop models from the scratch.

Develop models flexibly

Leverage capability to run small blocks of script for intermediate results to accelerate iterative model development. You can also develop models with ease from an integrated workbench making use of visualization and program libraries of different software packages like R/Python/Scala.

Ensure data privacy and security

Solution has built in data controls and quality checks for you to ensure data integrity and privacy. You can ensure full proof consumer data privacy by adopting patented mechanisms and encryption techniques on multi-party data processing.


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