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Are you looking to augment your existing CX and CVM workflows with AI/analytics capabilities and drive customer lifetime value further?

Plug in the CVM Accelerator solution on cloud to your Customer Engagement/MarTech systems to get actionable customer insights and recommendations faster and easier via APIs. With the aid of purpose-built analytics/AI trained with billions of labelled domain data, you can have accurate and deeper intelligence to make right decisions and achieve desired CX and CVM outcomes faster.


Harness Flytxt’s AI/ML powered cloud service to gain accurate customer behavioral insights like churn and win-back propensity scores to plan and design highly effective retention campaigns. These models have undergone hundreds of training cycles with retention campaign data compiled from Flytxt’s decade long experience working with clients from different markets.


Determine the prioritized set of ‘Next Best Offers’ using our AI Accelerator solution that can maximize upsell/cross-sell opportunities with each customer. It can continuously analyze historical usage patterns and real-time usage and purchase contexts to deliver personalized offer recommendations via APIs, which can be then used by your marketing and commerce platforms to extend them on different channels and touchpoints.


Equip customer care agents to respond to offer enquiries in quick time by proactively displaying the prioritized set of offers for each customer on the agent screen as and when a customer calls. Our clients have leveraged this solution to improve conversions by 2X at customer care centers and also to reduce offer response time by more than 80%.


Timely action is critical to retain your customers. Make use of our AI Accelerator solution to identify high churn risk customers and alert customer service agents on CRM screen so that they take appropriate action like routing calls to retention experts or extending special offers to mitigate churn risk.


Equip your virtual sales agents or chatbots on marketing, commerce and customer service touchpoints with necessary customer intelligence and real-time interaction contexts. This will help virtual agents to engage with customers in a human-like way and guide them with right offers to influence their journey and maximize upsell/cross-sell opportunities.


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