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Digital Activation

Are you facing challenges in activating your user base and preventing silent churn?

Plug-in Digital Activation AI, a SaaS solution for digital-first enterprises to increase the active user base by predicting inactivity patterns and stimulating repeated app usage.

Gain actionable insights to influence
journeys for user and usage activation

Get deeper insights into customers’ digital journeys and service usage patterns on digital touchpoints. Use these insights to create look-alike user cohorts, personalise onboarding journeys and ensure favourable milestones for improving MAUs/DAUs and app reopen rates.

Spot inactivity and churn signals with precision for timely intervention

Predict users with a high probability of uninstalling the app or becoming inactive with precision. Target them proactively with AI-recommended content and best-fit offers to mitigate the risk of churn and inactivity.


Drive customer engagement across new digital channels

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    More than 15%

    increase in the monthly offer uptake rate on digital channels as against the traditional channels

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Key Capabilities

Persona Discovery

Built-in capability to automatically group app users into cohorts based on their user persona reflecting channel and service usage patterns and digital journeys.

Journey Milestone Mapping

AI to identify milestones in the early life of engaged and disengaged app users and recommend different courses of action across user journey to achieve desired milestones.

Real-time Dashboards

Easy to interpret dashboards that report digital customer engagement metrics like increase in active user base or increase in repeat app usage or uplift in service consumption on specific digital touchpoints.


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