Digital Personalization

Are you looking for solutions that can capture customer intent and deliver next best offer to personalize your interactions across channels and touch points? Are you looking for solutions that can maximize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across inbound interactions?

With Digital Personalization solution, listen to your customer’s interactions over new digital channels like social media, mobile app or chatbot, understand their intent and serve next best offers using machine learned intelligence to maximize value of each customer interaction.

Personalize interactions across channels

Predict your customer’s intent from inbound interactions and recommend personalized offers matching his persona and needs to improve customer experience and maximize offer take up rate across touchpoints. Intent Management helps you to maximize value of inbound interactions by leveraging machine learned offer recommendation and inbuilt marketing automation capabilities.

Adapt your actions to the voice of customer

Identify customer’s intent and sentiments from interactions and conversations to devise timely marketing actions for improving customer engagement. Packaged Analytics Models using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques can derive actionable customer insights like sentiment score or next best offer from large volumes of data to make your engagement personalized and effective.

Engage on new digital channels effectively

Maximize up sell/cross sell/retention opportunities across customer interactions on any inbound touchpoint using machine learned recommendation of right product/offer based on each customer's persona, intent and marketing objectives. Digital Plus enables you to have personalized conversations and extend next best offers over new age digital channels and voice platforms respectively.


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