Digital Journey Personalization

Are you looking for solutions that can guide visitors in their buying journeys on an e-commerce platform and offer personalized recommendations? Are you looking for a solution that can convert visitors to buyers and customers by driving repeated purchase and loyalty?

With Digital Journey Personalization solution, track your customer’s ecommerce journey, understand their intent and personalize every interaction using machine learned intelligence to maximize value of each customer interaction across online buying journeys.

Unify Online and Offline data for better customer view

You can now build a comprehensive single view of each customer by unifying purchase/subscription data from both online and offline store fronts as well as from other sources like CRM systems, payment systems and other 3rd party systems. Such a unified customer view will enable you to deliver personalized and contextually relevant interactions throughout the customer’s journey from a visitor to buyer.

Guided Journeys with AI powered Virtual Assistant

Now you can give personal attention to every customer who visits your website. With an AI powered Virtual Assistant, you can now have more intuitive, powerful and human-like personalized interactions in customer’s preferred language. Intelligence gained from previous customer interactions and an understanding of historical purchase behavior helps the Virtual Assistant to guide customers better and recommend right products and offers through journeys to ensure higher conversions.

Revive lost intent using ML based recommendations

Around 85% of website visitors lose intent and end up abandoning the cart. With the help of packaged analytics models and Machine Learned recommendations you can now easily predict your customer’s intent and devise timely marketing actions to maximize offer/product uptake rate.


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