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Success Stories

Privacy-Preserving Analytics: Enabling collaboration between Telco and partner to drive digital business

  • The solution predicted churn with an accuracy of 86%
  • The model outperformed client’s in-house model, whose precision range was only 70%-80%

Creating brand awareness by engaging customers using hyper localized promotion

  • 10+ MN impressions during the campaign period
  • 69% of the target audience responded to the promotion

Driving profitable customer engagement quickly with CVM-in-a-Box solution

  • 3X increase in micro-segmented campaigns run within 2 months from deployment
  • 5% incremental revenue impact realized in quick time

Reviving Inactive customers through Social Media Engagement

  • Precise segmentation helped to reach out to 55K inactive subscribers
  • 90% higher conversions on Facebook as compared to other channels
  • Revived 10.5% of overall targeted inactive customers

CLTV Analytics and AI for CX

  • Retention Accelerator
  • Upsell/ Cross sell Accelerator
  • Intelligent Offer Resolution
  • Churn Risk Alert
  • Guided Upsell/ Cross sell
  • Campaign and Offer Optimization
  • Product Profitability and Catalog Optimization
  • Automated Behavior Tagging and Segment Discovery

Digital Plus: Digital Customer Value Management

  • Social Media CVM
  • Micro Segmented Email Campaigns
  • Conversational CVM
  • Web Analytics
  • Paid Media Budgeting
  • Digital Persona and Behavior Tagging

Facing challenges while trying to maximize your Customer Lifetime Value?

Flytxt has solutions for each of your needs!
  • AI powered Accelerator solutions to complement MarTech systems to boost upsell/ cross-sell and retention programs
  • Packaged cloud solution bundling proven technology and best practices for small Telcos to quickstart analytics-led campaignss
  • AI to automatitcally design, rate and optimize live campaigns on any marketing automation system

Intelligent MarTech Solutions for Driving Profitable Customer Engagement

  • Company Overview
  • Product Offerings
  • Flytxt Differentiators
  • Client Network
  • NEON-dX Cloud


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