Multi-channel Contextual Marketing

Are you looking for solutions that can can drive multi-channel contextual marketing campaigns for ensuring profitable customer engagement? Are you looking for solutions that can add real-time analysis and real-time engagement capabilities to enable contextual marketing across digital channels?

With multi-channel contextual marketing solution, understand your customers deeper and predict their needs across each usage context and life cycle stage to extend right products and services, thus maximizing customer lifetime value.

Always Choose right moments to engage

Engage the customers in the right moments across journey with right products to maximize value of interactions and meet your marketing objectives. Make use of Precision Marketer to do real time analysis and real time actions at scale, combining stream and batch analysis, of volumes of data and billions of transactions for real time contextual marketing to each and every customer.

Precisely Reach out to right customers

Micro-segment your customer base with precision by analyzing historical usage behavior and recent customer interactions. Make use of Packaged Analytics Models and exploratory analysis templates in Precision Marketer to derive variety of customer insights from data and make more informed decisions while executing outbound campaigns for maximizing revenue uplift.


Execute practically an infinite variety of outbound campaigns to meet different marketing objectives across channels with minimal effort. Make use of best practices, campaign libraries and comprehensive marketing automation capabilities in Precision Marketer to plan, design and run campaigns for upsell, cross-sell, retention and loyalty enhancement.

Optimize engagement at scale

Continuously optimize your engagement to maximize customer value with. Robo-X, AI companion for marketers. AI learns from data to spot right opportunities to engage with customers and also recommend right marketing actions to make use of those opportunities to increase value of customer interactions.


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