Proactive Service Accelerator

Are you looking to further reduce customer and agent’s effort and improve customer experience across customer care touch points?

Plug in Proactive Service Accelerator AI to empower front line executives and virtual agents with real-time intelligence to meet customer expectations in the shortest time frame for maximising customer value.

Be aware of customer issues before they snowball

Leverage AI to accurately predict issues likely to be faced by customers thus reducing Average Call Handling time as well as Customer Effort Score. Equip agents with next best actions to address these issues for reducing response time and improving FTR. Plug in Retention Accelerator AI if you wish to get churn risk alert and recommended actions like offers for agents to win-back customers.

Have the best executive interact with customers every time

Get the inbound interaction on a store or a digital self-care touchpoint automatically routed to the suitable agent or executive. AI will map the right agent for each customer or type of predicted issue based on experience, knowledge and skill sets of agents required to address the predicted context. Plug in Sales Accelerator AI if you wish to equip front office executives and virtual agents with insights and recommendations to improve sales conversions.


Enhance productivity and performance of customer care agents with AI-based offer recommendations

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    reduction in agent turnaround time

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Key Capabilities

Next Best Executive Recommendation

Automatically routing inbound interaction from a customer to the Next Best Executive or Agent based on the current context and previous interactions.

Issue and Context Discovery

Predict the context/issue of a customer interacting over assisted and unassisted care for proactive resolution.

Real-time Customer Intelligence

Increase agent productivity and reduce AHT on customer inquiries by displaying AI-powered insights on the agent screen.


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