Packages analytics, artificial intelligence and marketing automation into one ‘out-of-the-box’, easy to use, solution that integrates seamlessly with the CRM environment of the client. It learns, predicts, recommends and acts in real time, allowing enterprises’ marketing teams to easily and quickly generate measurable revenue uplift.

AI Guided Marketing

Artificial Intelligence to drive marketing on its own or serve as a trusted companion to guide marketing decisions and actions. AI to triangulate customers, campaigns and objectives and guide marketers to ensure better marketing outcomes.

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Maximize up sell, cross sell and customer retention using adaptive next best actions and offers determined through Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning. Make use of machine learned recommendations to maximize value of each customer interaction and generate higher revenue uplift.

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Built in Analytics

Leverage out of the box analytical models, actionable dashboards and exploratory analysis templates as well as build your own for making informed decisions and taking optimized actions. Accelerate data to insights and actions with built-in analytics.

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Use the flexible and integrated workspace to rapidly develop models and schedule automatic execution of models. Leverage best in class pre-processing and validation techniques while developing custom models and derive customer insights using purpose-built model templates.

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Comprehensive Marketing Automation

Easily execute infinite variety of outbound and inbound marketing campaigns, across customer journeys and across channels with minimal effort. Automate campaign planning, design, execution, and optimization end-to-end with ease.

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Real-time Contextual Marketing

Real-time analysis of voluminous data and real-time event-triggered actions to drive higher customer satisfaction and conversions. Identify customer context and trigger appropriate marketing action in real-time to increase marketing effectiveness.

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NEON-dX Capabilities

AI Companion for Marketers

AI Companion to guide marketing decisions and actions for better marketing outcomes

Packaged Analytics Models

Advanced analytics and machine learning models to provide actionable intelligence out-of-the-box

Inbound Marketing Automation

Automates execution of inbound marketing and touch point personalization programs

Outbound Marketing Automation

Automates execution of outbound multi-channel campaigns and real-time contextual marketing

Customer Insight Workbench

A workbench to develop models on customer data to derive customer insights

Digital Channel Management

Capture customer intent and engage with customers over new digital channels

Campaign Hub

Share best practices and optimal strategies across multi-site enterprises

Intelligent Voice Interface

Allows enterprises to have personalized human-like voice conversations with customers


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